Emory U. Faculty Members Reportedly Vote to Censure Their President

Members of the faculty of Emory University’s College of Arts and Science voted on Wednesday night to censure the institution’s president, James W. Wagner, over his controversial reference in a column last week to a racially sensitive clause in the U.S. Constitution, according to messages circulating on Twitter and a statement on the Web site of a protest group called the Student Re-Visioning Committee. Some faculty members at Wednesday’s meeting seconded a stronger motion, calling for a vote of no confidence against Mr. Wagner, the statement says, but a vote on that motion was postponed.

The protest group, which involves both students and faculty members, formed in response to program cuts that took many people by surprise when they were announced last fall. The statement on the group’s Web site says that in other business at Wednesday night’s meeting, the faculty agreed to go forward with a “formal and neutral review of the decision-making process behind the cuts.”

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