Evergreen State College Students Are Penalized for Protests

Evergreen State College has penalized 80 students for breaking the Washington institution’s student-conduct code during protests over racial tensions last spring, The Seattle Times reported.

In the protests students demonstrated against racial inequality on the campus and a faculty member’s criticism of a “Day of Absence,” on which white students were asked to avoid the campus to acknowledge the college’s racial inequity. During the protests some students moved furniture against the doors of the campus’s library.

Of the 180 students who were named in an incident report on the protests, about 80 were found to have broken the code of conduct, and were slapped with such sanctions as formal warnings, probation, community service, and suspension.

Other people involved in the protests who were not students were issued criminal-trespass warnings. One outside protester was barred from the campus and arrested, according to the Times.

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