Ex-Dean Wins Nearly $400,000 in Whistle-Blower Suit Against Globe U.

A Minnesota jury has ordered Globe University, a for-profit college with campuses in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota, to pay nearly $400,000 to a former dean who asserted in a lawsuit that she was fired for accusing the institution of misleading students, The Star Tribune has reported.

Heidi Weber sued the institution under a state whistle-blower law after she was fired as dean of the medical-assistant program, in 2011. She claimed that the institution used questionable tactics to mislead prospective students, including falsifying job-placement numbers.

The jury awarded her $205,000 for lost wages and another $190,000 for emotional distress, according to the newspaper.

A lawyer for Globe University said Ms. Weber had been fired over performance issues and a lack of leadership, and denied that fraud had occurred. He said the university was considering an appeal.

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