Faculty Coalition Will Lobby for College Athletes to Be Paid

A national coalition of faculty members will lobby for college football and basketball players to be paid, according to a news release from the newly formed College Athletes Rights and Empowerment Faculty Coalition.

“CARE-FC asserts the path to the transformation of college sport rests with the athletes themselves, and that the athletes have the capacity to lead the enterprise into the 21st century in a way that is stronger and more viable than ever,” the statement reads. “Such a model would be absent the hypocrisies unworthy of the higher-educational institutions that serve as the promoters and sponsors of the multibillion-dollar college-sport entertainment industry in which profit-athletes work.”

The group will focus on lobbying lawmakers, building relationships with organizations like the National College Players Association, and opposing reforms that “do not result in justice and fairness for athletes whose labor generates revenue for their institutions, the NCAA, conferences, and the corporations that invest in college sport,” according to the statement.

The announcement comes as big-time college sports finds itself under threat on several fronts, including football players at Northwestern University seeking to unionize and legal efforts aimed at securing compensation for athletes.

A lengthy statement on the group’s website identifies 19 faculty members in the coalition. Listed as co-founders are Richard M. Southall, of the University of South Carolina at Columbia, and Ellen J. Staurowsky, of Drexel University.

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