Feminist Speaker’s Cancellation Spurs Protest of Misogyny in Video-Gaming

A prominent critic of misogyny in video-gaming culture canceled a speech she was scheduled to give at Utah State University on Tuesday after she drew death threats. But the threats weren’t what prompted Anita Sarkeesian to cancel the talk, she said on Twitter:

The university told CNN that, in essence, its hands were tied because of the state’s campus-carry law: “If a person has a valid concealed-firearm permit and is carrying a weapon, they are permitted to have it at the venue.” Utah is one of a handful of states that allow guns on its college campuses.

An overwhelming majority of college presidents oppose allowing guns on campuses.

The threats to Ms. Sarkeesian are wrapped up in a larger saga called Gamergate. As The Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey explains, Gamergate is a long-brewing battle between members of the video-gaming community who support the acceptance of women in the culture, and those who oppose that campaign. Ms. Sarkeesian is a prominent member of the reformers.

News that Ms. Sarkeesian had canceled her talk caught fire on Twitter:

Ms. Sarkeesian later emphasized that it was the security limitations, not the threats, that had prompted her to cancel:

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