Filling Out That McSweeney’s Faculty-Meeting Bingo Ballot? Send It to Us

If, in these hectic first days of the semester, you’ve been spending your time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen the funny “First Faculty Meeting of the Year Bingo,” written by Lisa Nikolidakis for McSweeney’s. If you haven’t, go there for a good laugh.

Catharsis achieved. The bingo ballot certainly sounds like an accurate portrayal of higher-ed rhetoric, but is it? There’s only one way to find out: By asking our audience of faculty members to print out the lovely McSweeney’s ballot, take it to their first faculty meeting of the year, mark it up, then send it to us. So that’s what we’re asking you to do. You know, if you want.

I suppose you might feel funny about scribbling, giggling, and/or shouting “Bingo! Hahahahaha,” during your first faculty meeting of the year. In that case, just take mental notes for later.

But seriously, if you want to give us a taste of the humorous (or depressingly repetitive) side of faculty life, fill out the bingo card and email me a picture of it ( If I get enough participants, I’ll write a best-of blog post in a couple of days.

Print it out here.

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