Flasher Scandal Complicates U. of New Hampshire Contract Talks

The controversy surrounding the University of New Hampshire’s inability to fire a German professor convicted of indecent exposure has created a sticking point in contract talks between the university and its faculty union, a local newspaper, The Union Leader, reports. The old contract allows the university to fire tenured faculty members for “moral delinquency of a grave order.” But the professor’s crime, exposing himself to a woman and her daughter in a parking lot, was held by an arbitrator not to have been severe enough to have met that standard, putting the university in the awkward position of having to retain the professor in his job. The university wants to rewrite the contract to allow the immediate termination of any faculty member convicted of a violent or sexual offense, but union representatives have objected that such language is too broad and, for example, could be used to justify the termination of a faculty member arrested for urinating by the side of a road. Disagreements over pay and benefits also stand in the way of a contract settlement.

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