Florida State U. President Disputes ‘New York Times’ Article on Favoritism for Athletes

John E. Thrasher, president of Florida State University, on Wednesday issued a statement disputing a New York Times report that the institution had showed academic favoritism to football players, saying the article “misrepresents the university’s actions,” the Tallahassee Democrat reports.

Last week the Times quoted a teaching assistant as saying she felt pressure to cut athletes slack in an online hospitality course when they ignored quizzes and homework assignments and even turned in plagiarized work during the football team’s 2013 national-championship season.

In his statement Mr. Thrasher pointed out that the university’s case had been investigated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and reviewed by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

“Demonstrating his lack of knowledge and understanding of both Florida State University and college football, this author once again has cynically mischaracterized our athletics program,” Mr. Thrasher said.

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