Food-Service Company Will Restore Health Coverage for Campus Workers

The food-service giant Sodexo said on Thursday that it would restore the eligibility of some campus-cafeteria workers to receive coverage under its health-care plan, after bumping the workers from the plan as a response to the federal health-care overhaul, the Associated Press reported.

Sodexo, which operates college cafeterias and provides other campus services, had reclassified some of its workers as part time, a move that affected some 5,000 of its 133,000 American employees, according to the AP.

Sodexo said that it had made the decision to comply with the health-care law. But a spokeswoman for the Treasury Department, which enforces the law’s requirement for employer coverage, said that any employer that eliminated health coverage had done so “by choice, not by requirement.”

The company reversed course on Thursday, saying that it would make changes next year to restore the eligibility of many of the workers affected by the move.

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