U. of Phoenix Faces Another Federal Investigation

The University of Phoenix is facing another investigation by a federal agency.

In the annual financial report on Thursday of the huge university’s parent company, the Apollo Education Group, the company discloses an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, separate from an inquiry begun by the commission in July. According to Thursday’s filing, with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the new investigation has to do with “the University of Phoenix’s practices and procedures for safeguarding student and staff personal information.”

It has been a tortured few months for Phoenix. After the FTC announced its investigation into deceptive practices, the U.S. Department of Defense announced this month it was suspending Phoenix from its Tuition Assistance Program, citing inappropriate recruiting practices aimed at members of the armed services. The company responded that it had been working closely with the department, and called it “troubling” that the department would cite the FTC’s probe in handing down the punishment.

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