Gun-Ban Challenges: New Hampshire Campus Braces for Protest; Policy Is Upheld in Idaho

Plymouth State University has told students they don’t have to attend classes on Friday because of fears that gun-rights activists who plan to protest on the Plymouth, N.H., campus may be carrying loaded weapons, the Associated Press reported. The university obtained a court order that requires the protest’s two organizers to abide by the campus’s policy banning guns, but the college’s president said she was concerned that sympathizers could bring weapons.

In other news related to campus gun bans, a state judge in Idaho upheld the University of Idaho’s right to prohibit firearms in on-campus housing, including apartments for families. The judge rejected arguments raised by a law student who challenged the policy as a violation of his state and federal constitutional rights, and of state law.

Correction (12:25 p.m.): This post originally misstated the location of the Plymouth State University campus. It is in Plymouth, N.H., not Concord, N.H. The post has been updated to reflect this correction.

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