Happy 21st Birthday, Academe Today!

Chronicle subscribers received the first issue of Academe Today, The Chronicle’s daily newsletter, on this day in 1995. The newsletter, reproduced here, seems quite primitive by today’s standards.

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The email was available in plain text only, as relatively few people had access to the “World-Wide Web,” as it was then known, let alone email readers that could render HTML.

The newsletter’s content was limited to a few briefs about doings on Capitol Hill, a summary of an article in a once-prominent magazine, and a selection of coming events. In a quaint touch that recalled a nautical cry of yore, we greeted readers with a crisp “Good day!”

Much has changed in the 21 years since then, in technology, in the news business, and of course in higher education. But The Chronicle continues to serve its readers with the range of content that is just as much a priority today as it was in 1995 — news, data, analysis, ideas, advice, and of course jobs — and to enable subscribers to discover their world in ours, both online and in print.

Some college students mark their 21st birthdays with drunken sprees that recognize their attainment of legal drinking age. Here at The Chronicle, of course, we’ll mark the occasion more soberly. Good day!

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