Journal’s Board of Directors Disavows Editors’ Apology for Article on ‘Transracialism’

The Board of Directors of Hypatia, the feminist philosophy journal that sparked controversy with the article “In Defense of Transracialism,” has released a statement disavowing a widely circulated apology that was written by a group of editors at the journal. “The board finds that the associate editors’ statement undermining the editorial decision was disseminated without adequate consultation with the editor,” the new statement says, in part.

The new statement represents the latest development in a controversy that has rocked philosophy, and given greater prominence to longstanding criticism that the discipline does not sufficiently value the work of female and minority philosophers.

In its statement, the board also acknowledged “the intensity of experience and convictions around matters of intersectionality, especially in the world of academic philosophy, which has an egregious history of treatment of women of color feminists and feminists from other marginalized social positions.” Read the full statement, as reported by Daily Nous.

The original article, by Rebecca Tuvel, suggested similarities between the experiences of transgender people and people, like Rachel Dolezal, who claimed to have switched races. Widespread condemnation followed, and prompted a long apology from “a majority of the Hypatia’s Board of Associated Editors.” That criticism spurred a backlash from defenders of Ms. Tuvel, who said she was being inappropriately scapegoated.

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