Idaho State U. Faces Added Pressure Over Faculty Senate Suspension

The American Association of University Professors has undertaken an investigation of Idaho State University in response to the recent suspension of the institution’s Faculty Senate. The move comes after Idaho State’s president, Arthur C. Vailas, responded to the AAUP’s demand for an explanation of the senate suspension with a letter arguing that the senate had placed him in “a most untenable situation” by refusing to go along with a university-reorganization plan approved by the State Board of Education last year. The Idaho State Journal reported last week that students at the university planned to vote this month on referendums to declare no confidence in Mr. Vailas and demand that the Faculty Senate be reinstated. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a national advocacy group, has jumped into the fray with a letter to Mr. Vailas calling the state board’s suspension of the Faculty Senate a “dire threat to academic freedom and faculty governance.”

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