Idaho State U. to Hold Faculty Senate Elections on Administration’s Terms

The Idaho Board of Education voted on Thursday to have Idaho State University hold new faculty-senate elections in August on terms proposed by the university’s president, Arthur C. Vailas. In the interim, the university will be left without any faculty senate at all because of the sunsetting of a provisional faculty body that Mr. Vailas established last year in response to an impasse with leaders of the faculty senate then in place. Among the recommended rules for the new elections proposed by Mr. Vailas and accepted by the board was a ban on the candidacies of anyone who had served over the past two years on either the now-sunsetting provisional senate or the senate that was disbanded. The board’s vote appeared to clear the way for the university’s administration, which had been at odds with the provisional senate over a constitution for the new faculty senate, to move ahead on its own in proposing a new senate constitution for board approval.

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