Iowa State President Apologizes to Students for Flying University Plane on Personal Trips

Steven Leath, president of Iowa State University, told the student government there on Wednesday that he would be more cautious from now on about combining personal and business trips, the Associated Press reports.

An investigation by the Associated Press found that Mr. Leath had damaged a university airplane while flying back from a family vacation in North Carolina. He also flew a larger university plane to his North Carolina home, on fund-raising trips with a celebrity bowhunter, and to transport family members to and from a game in the NCAA basketball tournament.

“I’ll be different,” Mr. Leath said to the student government. “We will be very mindful of what we do going forward. I’ve learned my lesson.”

The university maintained that Mr. Leath’s flights had been taken for business purposes or had other justifications. However, the Iowa Board of Regents said on Wednesday that it would review the university’s travel and equipment policies in the wake of the AP investigation.

Earlier this week Mr. Leath promised to stop flying the smaller plane and pay for the damages incurred during a rough landing.

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