3 Florida Colleges Could Lose State Money Under New Performance Model

Three Florida colleges—Florida Atlantic University, the University of West Florida, and the New College of Florida—have been projected to lose state money under a new model that would penalize low-performing state universities while rewarding others with new money for meeting certain goals.

The money would be divided among the universities using a system that measures them on 10 different criteria, for a maximum of 50 points. Universities that earn less than 26 points stand to lose 1 percent of their base funding in 2014-15. That money would then be redistributed to the other, higher-scoring institutions.

The highest-scoring and highest-earning school, according to the projections, is the University of Florida, which would receive $11.7 million for its 42 points. Second place is the University of South Florida, which stands to receive $8.9 million for 37 points.

The three low-performing schools would all lose varying amounts of money, based on calculating 1 percent of their normal allocation from the state. FAU would be docked $1.4 million, UWF would lose $675,595 and New College would be $172,720 poorer.

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