Atlantic Coast Conference Sues U. of Maryland for $52-Million Exit Fee

The ACC sued the university on Monday in the Superior Court of North Carolina in Guilford County, where the conference’s headquarters are located. The lawsuit states that the university owes the league full payment of a roughly $52-million exit fee for its decision last week to move to the Big Ten Conference. It accuses Wallace D. Loh, Maryland’s president, of failing to provide assurance that the university will pay the fee. A Maryland spokesman declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The league raised its exit fee to roughly $50 million in September after adding Notre Dame in all sports except football, though it’s still unclear exactly when the Fighting Irish will begin play in the ACC. The exit fee is three times the league’s annual operating budget so it could fluctuate from year to year.

Maryland was one of two schools that voted against the increased exit fee. Florida State also voted against the increase.

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