Adjuncts at College in Louisiana Get Paychecks After Extra Delay

Adjunct instructors at Delgado Community College, in Louisiana, will no longer have to wait seven weeks to receive their first paychecks of the semester, The Times-Picayune reported.

Adjuncts at Delgado had complainted to the newspaper about the college’s decision to extend their wait for their first paychecks from five weeks to seven, two weeks later than the date listed in their contracts. College officials had blamed the delay on new compliance requirements associated with the Affordable Care Act, though many adjuncts at Delgado questioned that justification.

Delgado later announced that the instructors’ checks would be issued ahead of schedule, with pay deposited into their accounts on Tuesday.

“Our payroll personnel has been working diligently since the start of the semester to make sure all the data was entered correctly,” Stanton McNeeley, the vice chancellor for institutional advancement at Delgado, said by phone on Tuesday morning. “As a result of their efforts, the process was completed yesterday.”

McNeeley said he could not speak to whether the article or criticism from part-time faculty had influenced the expedited payments.

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