Group Protests Firing of Art Instructor Whose Student Beheaded a Chicken

Canada’s main faculty association is challenging the firing of an instructor by the Alberta College of Art and Design following a student’s public beheading of a chicken as a performance-art project, the Calgary Herald reports. The Canadian Association of University Teachers says it has filed a grievance demanding that the college reinstate Gordon Ferguson, who was fired on May 6. He had been head of the college’s sculpture program. The firing came weeks after the student slaughtered the chicken in the cafeteria in a project that was intended to explain how chickens end up on the dinner table.

“We find it unacceptable that an art college would fire a professor because one of his student’s projects, while legal, was controversial. Universities and colleges should be places where free expression and creative exploration is encouraged,” said James L. Turk, the faculty association’s executive director.

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