After Student Protest, U. of Texas Holds Off on Proposed Internet-Access Fee

The University of Texas at Austin has put the brakes on a proposed fee that would, starting this fall, charge students roughly $1 a month for fast Internet access. The university acted after students took to the Internet in protest. Specifically, the fee would charge students $3 each semester for 10 gigabytes of bandwidth per week. Under the proposal, students who failed to pay the fee would be pushed to a slower network.

The university, which originally said the fee was needed because of increased demand for bandwidth, now says it will seek student input on the matter. Some students have decried the proposal as a violation of the principle of net neutrality in that it would relegate users who didn’t pay up to a “slow lane.”

By Julie Chang – American-Statesman Staff A new Wi-Fi fee launched this fall at the University of Texas at Austin would have cost about $1 a month for students, but it sparked such outrage on social media that the university backed off after two days.

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