Boston-Area Colleges ‘Largely Agree’ to Release Students’ Addresses

More than 20 colleges in the Boston area have “largely agreed” to disclose the addresses of students who live off campus after meeting on Tuesday with Mayor Martin Walsh, The Boston Globe reported.

The mayor said he planned to use the addresses to build a database in an effort to single out overcrowded properties for inspection.

The meeting came a month after a Globe investigation found that rampant overcrowding and other unsafe conditions in off-campus housing had put many of the city’s college students at risk.

Boston institutions have long resisted releasing student addresses, but Mr. Walsh said he had heard no objections at the meeting and several representatives promised speedy compliance.

Boston College, however, later said it still was concerned that releasing student data might violate federal privacy law. It is studying the mayor’s request.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh said Tuesday that more than 20 universities in Boston have largely agreed to disclose the addresses of their off-campus students, a long-resisted step that he called critical to combat chronic overcrowding that he said imperils student their safety.

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