China Considers Tighter Rules on International-Student Recruiters

China’s Ministry of Education last month proposed tightening regulations on companies or individuals that help students apply to universities abroad, and foreigners and foreign-owned businesses may be banned from such work. Observers say the government is keen on curtailing fraud among independent recruitment agents, some of whom have been accused of falsifying student applications. Some said, however, that the new rules would unfairly hurt non-Chinese agents. Many American universities have started to use agents more in countries like China, a practice that has been criticized by some educators.

The draft regulation, issued by the Ministry of Education on October 29, will allow provincial-level authorities to approve or reject licenses for domestically owned companies, while also requiring that they set aside an emergency 500,000 yuan fund ($80,100). They will also be subject to fines of up to 100,000 yuan if their fraud prevents customers from attending universities overseas. However, it will also ban foreign intermediaries from entering the market entirely.

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