Divided North Dakota Board Passes Resolution Supporting Chancellor

Hamid A. Shirvani, chancellor of the North Dakota University System, has been at odds with lawmakers, students, and campus presidents during his nine months in office. On Thursday he got a qualified vote of support from the State Board of Higher Education, the Grand Forks Herald reported. By a 5-to-3 vote, the board passed a resolution stating that it “endorses and gives its full support” to the chancellor. The three members who voted against the resolution said more discussion was needed to deal with lingering communication and transparency issues.

Sydney L. Hull, the student representative on the board, said the resolution was being pushed through too quickly, and pointed out some of the board members didn’t have time to read the resolution that was e-mailed out shortly before Thursday’s conference call. “If we’re going to pass a resolution we got an hour and a half before the meeting, without people even reading it before the meeting, I think that’s a little ridiculous,” he said.

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