Ex-Jurors Blame U. of Iowa in Hiring-Bias Case

Members of the jury that last month returned a mixed verdict in the case of an instructor who accused the University of Iowa’s law school of denying her a position because of her conservative views said the university did discriminate against her, but they were conflicted about holding a former dean responsible for the alleged bias. Carol Tracy, the jury’s forewoman, said “everyone in that jury room” believed Teresa R. Wagner was a victim of discrimination. But Ms. Wagner’s complaint did not name the university, as federal law does not recognize political discrimination by institutions. The jurors disagreed about whether or not the former dean could be held responsible. Meanwhile, Ms. Wagner’s lawyers on Tuesday filed a motion seeking a new trial in the case.

“She was discriminated against, but you don’t go against the dean,” said juror Don Mayes, a registered Democrat from Davenport. “The dean can only hire if the faculty approves you, and the faculty denied it, so the dean had no say-so about it.”

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