Former Student Charged With Anonymous Leaks at Lindenwood U.

Prosecutors in St. Charles County, Mo., filed charges on Monday against a former Lindenwood University student who is accused of orchestrating the release of confidential student information on a WikiLeaks-style Twitter account. The anonymous account, known as LindenLeaks, drew the attention of the authorities last year after posting a list identifying dozens of students who had been suspended from the institution. It disappeared from the Web shortly thereafter. The former student was charged with three counts of computer-related tampering, a misdemeanor.

Lindenwood had little to say about the LindenLeaks affair Monday night.

The school’s president, James Evans, stressed the importance of student privacy in a statement, saying: “We intended to pursue the culpable party until charges were filed.”

A spokesman also acknowledged that there have been changes to the school’s internal security system but would not say what those were.

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