Illinois Legislators Fail to Advance $100-Million Offer for Obama Library

The Illinois General Assembly ended its spring session without approving a proposal to offer $100-million in state funds to lure President Obama’s presidential library to the state in which he started his political career.

Backers of the plan in the state’s House and the Senate said they would continue to press their colleagues to make an offer sufficient to lure the library away from Hawaii, where Mr. Obama grew up, and New York, where he attended college. But any offer of state money will come after a June 16 deadline for making proposals to the library’s planners, the Associated Press reported.

“Bush and Clinton both raised over $200 million in private funds to take care of their library,” said Rep. Joe Sosnowksi, a Rockford Republican. Obama’s “ability to raise that amount and more is without question. For us to chip in half of what a presidential library would cost is an abuse of the taxpayers.”

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