Irish Woman at Center of Fight Over Oral-History Records Is Found Dead

Dolours Price, the former member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army who was at the center of a legal fight surrounding an oral-history project at Boston College, was found dead in her home outside Dublin on Thursday. The police said her death may have been the result of a drug overdose, and foul play was not suspected. A pair of researchers has been fighting in court to prevent interviews with Ms. Price from being released to British authorities, who are investigating the circumstances of a murder that occurred in 1972. In a statement, the college expressed regret at the news of Ms. Price’s death but said it couldn’t speculate on what effect her death might have on the legal proceedings.

Ed Moloney, the Irish journalist who oversaw collection of the taped testimonies, and Anthony McIntyre, the former IRA convict who actually conducted the interviews from 2001 to 2006, lauded Price as “both a friend and a valued participant in the Belfast Project.”

They blamed the police’s pursuit of her testimony for hastening her death — and vowed that their own legal fight to prevent police from receiving any tapes from the Boston College archive would continue “with renewed vigor.”

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