Jackson College Will Lay Off 7 Faculty Members

Jackson College, in Michigan, plans to lay off seven full-time faculty members as part of an effort to cut costs. The layoffs are expected to save about $910,000 in the college’s budget for 2014-15. The cuts will take effect in August, following a round of layoffs last year that affected 17 administrators and support-staff workers.

Those faculty receiving notices will have five days to notify administration if they want to “bump” into another position that they can demonstrate and administration agrees they are qualified for, said Provost Rebekah Woods.

Only adjunct faculty and faculty not granted continual contract status can be bumped from their positions, Woods said.

“The college’s mission is to teach students and faculty does that,” said Alana Tuckey, Jackson Community College Faculty Association union president. “The quality of the instruction of student learning should be a top priority and that’s not being accomplished with cutting faculty.”

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