Judge Again Blocks Missouri Technical College From Drug-Testing Students

Judge Nanette K. Laughrey of the U.S. District Court in Jefferson City, Mo., issued an injunction on Friday that for now blocks Linn State Technical College from drug-testing its students. The two-year college began doing so in 2011, in an effort to ensure that students would train safely with machinery and would be prepared for future employers who have no tolerance for substance abuse. Judge Laughrey had already issued an order blocking the college from enforcing that policy, which was later overturned, according to the Associated Press. The American Civil Liberties Union then filed another challenge to the policy.

Laughrey said her preliminary injunction remains in effect “until this case is decided on its merits.”

A July hearing remains scheduled.

Also, she said, the injunction does not apply “to urine specimens collected from students who were or who have since enrolled in Linn State’s aviation maintenance, heavy equipment operations, and industrial electricity programs.”

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