Judge Rejects Former Lehigh U. Student’s Big Lawsuit Over Grade

A Pennsylvania judge on Thursday rejected the claims of a former Lehigh University graduate student who filed a lawsuit seeking $1.3-million in damages over a C-plus grade. During the trial this week, the judge chastised both sides for letting the case get to court at all. The former student, Megan Thode, had argued that she was a victim of breach of contract and sexual discrimination. She received the grade after her professor gave her zero points out of a possible 25 for class participation. The C-plus was too low for her to continue in her preferred program. In his ruling, the judge said Ms. Thode had failed to meet her burden of proof.

Judge Emil Giordano decided that the university neither breached contract nor sexually discriminated against Megan Thode, whose lawsuit sought $1.3 million in damages.

Both sides completed their cases Thursday morning in a legal fight pitting a university that maintained it must protect its academic standards against a graduate who says she was deprived of a career by faculty members with a grudge.

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