Judge Throws Out Part of Ex-Student’s Lawsuit Over Roommate’s Sex Life

Lindsay Blankmeyer sued Stonehill College in February, asserting that campus officials didn’t do enough to give her reasonable alternatives to living with a roommate who frequently had sex while Ms. Blankmeyer was trying to sleep. The Roman Catholic college won a partial victory when a federal judge dismissed a piece of the original complaint last month.

The original complaint claimed the college refused to provide Blankmeyer adequate alternative housing after the problems with her roommate, forcing her to move off campus. Blankmeyer also claimed the college refused to accommodate her disability, attention deficit disorder and depression.

Zobel, in a memorandum dated Nov. 2, threw out the part of the suit where Blankmeyer claimed discrimination, but allowed her claim that Stonehill did not offer her “reasonable accommodations.”

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