Kansas City Art Institute Sues Couple Over Donations Not Received

The institute built a $7-million building and named it for Lawrence and Kristina Dodge on the basis of their pledge in 2005 to give $5-million over eight years. But the institute has collected only $1-million of the pledge, and the Dodges say they cannot pay the rest because of business failures and government actions. The institute is suing them in a California state court, alleging breach of contract and unjust enrichment—because of the publicity the Dodges received for the pledge. It has not commented on its options if it never receives the money.

Larry and Kristina Dodge, a Southern California couple living (for now) in a mansion on the Pacific Ocean, are facing hard times and can no longer honor the $5-million pledge they made to the Kansas City Art Institute. Or, in the art institute’s view, they’re a couple of deadbeats.

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