London’s Mayor Criticized for Suggesting Women Go to Universities to Marry

Mayor Boris Johnson of London drew fire after joking that more female students are attending universities in Malaysia because of their desire to find husbands. He made those remarks last week at an economic event in London, where he appeared alongside Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Tun Razak. Mr. Johnson’s remarks were met with widespread condemnation on social media, after a recording of them surfaced online on Monday.

Asked about the role of women in Islamic societies, Razak said: “Before coming here, my officials have told me that the latest university intake in Malaysia, a Muslim country, 68% will be women entering our universities.”

Johnson interrupted him, suggesting the female students went to university because they “have got to find men to marry”. Laughter can be heard from audio from the meeting, but the mayor has since been reprimanded for the comments.

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