Louisiana Budget Causes Confusion for Colleges

Gov. Bobby Jindal has released a preliminary budget for 2014 that includes significant cuts for state hospitals and higher education. That is, depending whom you ask. Estimates of the cuts in higher education range from zero to more than $200-million. Critics also worry about the budget’s implications for tuition increases and unapproved sources of revenue, and whether changes in the apportioning of money will mean any cuts are larger than expected. Lawmakers are contesting $424-million in one-time money, which will be used for recurring expenses.

Governor Jindal, a Republican who has previously drawn fire for involvement in Louisiana State University system’s upper management, says the budget changes are intended to protect higher education without raising taxes.

Lawmakers and University administrators said they are unsure about what those numbers mean, particularly the increase in the statutory dedication fund. Senator Dan Claitor said the $200 million higher education cut looks bad, but it’s actually even larger than it seems.

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