Michigan Community College’s Chief Is Cleared to Return From Leave

The Board of Trustees of Kellogg Community College, in Battle Creek, Mich., on Wednesday voted unanimously to take Dennis J. Bona off of paid leave and to allow him to return to work as the institution’s president.

Last month the board put Mr. Bona on leave pending the results of an inquiry into his “interactions with college personnel.” The specifics of the investigation were not known at the time Mr. Bona was placed on leave, but the Battle Creek Enquirer reported on Wednesday that Mr. Bona had been placed on leave “after a former security guard alleged he caught the president in a sexual situation with a woman in his office in spring 2013.”

But Jonathan Byrd, chairman of the college’s board, said on Wednesday that the inquiry had found that “there was not adequate evidence to substantiate the allegations being investigated.”

“I’m very pleased that was the board’s decision and I’m glad the truth has finally come out,” Bona told the Enquirer late Wednesday.

The president will return to an institution where rumors have flown among faculty and staff for weeks, but Bona said he didn’t think that would impact his effectiveness on the job.

“I will of course give my best effort and I believe I can continue to effectively lead the college,” Bona said.

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