Minn. Arts College Faces Questions as President Resigns Abruptly

Ann Ledy, president of the College of Visual Arts, quit abruptly on Wednesday, declaring in a letter to students that the economy was to blame for the small institution’s financial woes. Her resignation came a week after she announced that those financial pressures would force the institution to close in June. Meanwhile, an alumni group that calls itself CVA Action has organized an effort to keep the institution open.

The CVA Action group is also questioning the trustees’ overseeing of financial and personnel matters.

Last fall faculty and staff members wrote to the board asking for the removal of the president and vice president “because of the intimidating and fearful atmosphere they created,” Frank said.

In response, the board appointed consultants “who disagreed with our opinions and decided to close the school,” said John DuFresne, professor and chair of the graphic arts department who is not part of the CVA Action group. More salary cuts, streamlined programs and consolidated facilities might have saved the school, he said.

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