Montreal College Expels Student Who Found Security Flaw in Campus Data

Dawson College kicked out Ahmed Al-Khabaz, a 20-year-old computer-science student who discovered a coding problem in a computer system commonly used at vocational colleges in Quebec. The flaw could have allowed personal data for 250,000 students to be hacked. Critics of the college said it had acted to cover up the security lapse and to protect the business that designed the computer system. The college declined to comment.

“I was acing all of my classes, but now I have zeros across the board. I can’t get into any other college because of these grades, and my permanent record shows that I was expelled for unprofessional conduct. I really want this degree, and now I won’t be able to get it. My academic career is completely ruined. In the wrong hands, this breach could have caused a disaster. Students could have been stalked, had their identities stolen, their lockers opened and who knows what else. I found a serious problem, and tried to help fix it. For that I was expelled.”

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