Oberlin College Revises Trespass Policy After Concerns About Enforcement

Oberlin College has modified its campus-trespass policy after students and residents of Oberlin, Ohio, raised concerns about the policy and how the institution enforced it. The decades-old policy effectively allowed people to be barred from the campus. Speakers at a meeting in February questioned a secret “No Trespass” list, which they said allowed them to be arrested if caught on the campus.

The college outlined the revised policy in a news release on Tuesday. The changes include the creation of a one-year trespass order, which the college said would allow permanent orders to be reserved for the most serious offenses, such as threats and acts of violence. The college also announced the formation of an advisory board to help review the policy and town-gown relations.

The college is also going to review current trespass orders and grant amnesty to those who do not pose an ongoing threat and would likely have received a warning or a one-year trespass order under the new policy.

The Community Advisory Board will include representatives from both college and town.

“We look forward to continuing the discussion and work related to the policy through the Community Advisory Board moving forward,” Tita Reed, assistant to the president for community and government relations, said in the release. “Our hope is to have this group in place as soon as possible.”

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