Oxford Rewrites Financial Rule That Was Challenged by Applicant

The University of Oxford has revised a policy that had required applicants to its colleges to show that they could afford living expenses before being admitted, after an applicant challenged the policy on the grounds that it discriminated against needy students. The university had agreed to review the policy after the applicant, Damien Shannon, asked a court to overturn the rule. The university has abandoned what was known as the “financial guarantee” in favor of a “financial declaration,” which asks students to show evidence that they have enough money to cover their first year of tuition. Beyond that, it asks them only to give assurances that they will be able to pay for their living expenses and their tuition in subsequent years.

A spokesman for Oxford university: “The financial declaration aims to ensure that students are fully aware of the expected fees and living costs associated with their graduate study at Oxford, and is still intended to prevent students dropping out during their course, which is in the interest of both the welfare of individual students and of the institution.”

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