Photo of Offensive Costumes Lands Penn State Sorority in Hot Water

Racially themed costumes are never a good idea, but it appears that members of the university’s Chi Omega sorority didn’t get that message before they dressed in ponchos and sombreros at a Mexican-themed party. The sorority has apologized over a photo of the group that shows members holding signs saying, “Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and “I don’t cut grass I smoke it.”

Whitney Heckathorne, the director of communications for Chi Omega said in a statement the national headquarters is working with Penn State’s Panhellenic Council about remedying the situation with the Nu Gamma chapter.

“Currently, the national organization is working with Penn State’s local Panhellenic on educational directives for our Nu Gamma Chapter, particularly regarding appropriate sensitivity to others and bystander behavior,” Heckathorne wrote in an email.

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