Struggling City College of San Francisco Plans Layoffs and Pay Cuts

The college, which is fighting to retain its accreditation, needs to enroll roughly 3,000 students for the spring semester or risk losing $6.5-million in state support. Beginning in January, the college plans to lay off nearly three dozen clerical workers, and will also cut 20 to 30 part-time instructors and 18 part-time counselors from its payroll.

College trustees have also approved a 4.4 percent salary cut for non-union employees, including most administrators. But employees will actually see their paychecks reduced by 8.8 percent because half the school year has already gone by.
College officials say they will unilaterally impose the same cut on faculty if labor leaders won’t agree. At the college, members of the American Federation of Teachers Local 2121 are livid and say they will fight the move.

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