U. of Colorado at Boulder Closes Campus to Deter Pot Celebrants

Although Colorado has legalized the recreational smoking of marijuana, the University of Colorado at Boulder closed its campus to the public on Saturday to prevent a traditional gathering of marijuana smokers on “4/20.” Theories abound as to why “420″ is a code for the marijuana-smoking culture, but the campus was similarly closed to outsiders last April 20, when officials distributed smelly fertilizer on one popular quad to repel smokers. This year the party was in Denver, where officials were more concerned about security in an event expected to draw as many as 80,000 people to cheer the drug’s legalization.

University of Colorado security officers warned early-morning dog walkers and joggers about the campus being closed to the public today, a 4/20 shut-down that is in its second year and is an effort to end the unsanctioned pot smoke-out that had grown beyond 10,000 people in past years.

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