U. of Hawaii’s Board and President Make Peace Over ‘Wonder Blunder’ Incident

The University of Hawaii’s Board of Regents and M.R.C. Greenwood pledged to work together in the wake of a concert fiasco that had put the system’s president in the spotlight, acknowledging that the high-profile episode created “strains” in the university’s leadership. In a written statement issued on behalf of both parties, Ms. Greenwood apologized for sending a letter to the board in which she asked for a $2-million payout to leave office, a letter that she later withdrew. The statement said Ms. Greenwood has “no plans to bring legal action against the University or the Board.” Two men have been indicted on charges related to the incident, in which university officials paid $200,000 for a benefit concert featuring Stevie Wonder but were forced to call off the event when it became apparent that the singer had never agreed to perform.

Soul-searching has led the Regents and the President to rededicate themselves to the University’s unique role in educating the people of Hawai’i as well as serving as a center for productive and innovative research.

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