U. of Tulsa Fires Athletic Director Amid Gambling Investigation

The university fired Ross M. Parmley on Tuesday, following its decision to place him on leave after he was linked to a man accused of running an illegal gambling operation. In a letter about the firing, Tulsa’s president, Steadman Upham, said Mr. Parmley had “admitted he had not been truthful” about his role in the FBI’s investigation of the case.

Teddy Mitchell of Oklahoma City was indicted in September on gambling charges. An 84-page affidavit related to the case was unsealed two weeks ago. In the document, Oklahoma City-based FBI Special Agent Francis Bowles Jr. alleged that Parmley had placed bets with Mitchell.

Parmley’s name was mentioned once, alleging that he had paid Mitchell $1,782 for gambling debts in the November-December period of 2009. Parmley has not been charged with any crime.

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