Validity of 50,000 Student-Visa Tests in Doubt, Britain Says

Britain’s Home Office has declared more than 50,000 English-language tests invalid or questionable as it cracks down on cheating by overseas students trying to extend their visas. The agency has also limited three universities’ ability to sponsor students abroad.

The Home Office’s immigration minister said the global arm of the Educational Testing Service, which runs the English-language tests, had become the subject of a criminal investigation.

Earlier this year, a BBC program reported that students who were registered to take tests to extend their visas never actually sat for the examinations. Instead, someone else took the tests for them or read the answers to them, the program reported.

More than 50,000 English language tests taken by overseas students to extend their British visas have been declared invalid or questionable as a result of an official probe into cheating on a massive scale.

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