Worker Is Charged Following Blast at Nyack College

A maintenance worker engaged through a contract with Aramark Facilities Management is accused of two misdemeanors in connection with the June 4 explosion on the New York campus, which injured eight people. Investigators think excavation work on the campus disturbed a natural-gas pipe, allowing gas to seep into an adjacent building where it ignited. A spokesman for the gas utility said it was unaware of excavation in the area. The local police chief said the worker’s action were “nonintentional, but he should have been more responsible.” More than 600 colleges contract with Aramark for facilities services, according to The Journal News, a newspaper in Westchester County, N.Y.

“The pipe looked like it had been moved and hooked by some type of earth-moving machinery,” he said. “We unearthed the pipe and turned it over to the chief investigating authorities.”

Donovan said the area above the pipe should not have been subjected to heavy machinery. Further, he said there were no signs that the pipes below the ground had been marked off and that no request to take such a step had been filed with the utility.

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