Judge Declares Another Mistrial in Fatal Shooting by U. of Cincinnati Officer

After jurors deliberated for nearly 30 hours over five days and reported that they could not reach a verdict, the judge on Friday declared a mistrial for the second time in the case of a University of Cincinnati police officer who was charged with murder after he fatally shot an unarmed black man during a traffic stop, the Associated Press reports.

The officer, Ray Tensing, shot to death Samuel DuBose, 43, in July 2015, after pulling him over for driving without a front license plate.

The university fired Mr. Tensing after he was indicted, and later reached a $5.3-million settlement with Mr. DuBose’s survivors. The incident strained ties between the university and the city.

On Friday morning, when the Hamilton County jury told Judge Leslie Ghiz that it was unable to reach a verdict, she urged the jurors to try again. That afternoon, when they delivered the same message, the judge declared a mistrial.

The case was first tried in November 2016, but that jury, too, reached no verdict. Prosecutors have not said if they will try the case a third time.

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