Judge Orders University to Promote Professor Who Won Anti-Bias Lawsuit

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to promote Michael S. Adams, an associate professor of criminology who recently won an anti-bias lawsuit against the university over its decision to deny him a promotion to full professor.

Mr. Adams had accused the university of improperly denying him the promotion based on his writings and religious views. A federal appeals court in 2011 overturned a lower court’s decision to dismiss his lawsuit, and a jury ruled in his favor last month.

Judge Malcolm J. Howard of the U.S. District Court in Greenville, N.C., ordered the university to confer upon Mr. Adams a full professorship, “with pay and benefits in the future to relate back to August 2007, when plaintiff’s 2006 promotion application would have gone into effect had it been successful.”

Judge Howard also awarded Mr. Adams $50,000 in back pay and prejudgment interest.

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