Judge Rules Against U. of Nebraska at Kearney in ‘Therapy Dog’ Case

A federal judge in Nebraska has ruled that a university-owned apartment complex is subject to the Fair Housing Act, upholding the claim of a former student who said the university was legally bound to allow her “therapy dog” to live there with her. The Lincoln Journal Star reports that the case, brought by the federal government against the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2011, hinged on whether university housing was a “dwelling.” The university argued that it wasn’t, and that students are assigned there and have to follow restrictions, as in a jail. The judge, in deciding that the housing was indeed covered by federal housing rules, said that meant the university had to follow antidiscrimination policies, and that Brittany Hamilton, the former student, should have been able to keep her dog, Butch, to calm her anxieties.

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